7 DIY Projects to Improve Your Boise Home

7 DIY Projects to Improve Your Boise Home

Summer is for relaxing by the beach, BBQing with friends and family, or exploring the great outdoors. For homeowners, summer is the perfect time to take on those DIY home improvement projects- inside and out. Because the weather is nice and winter weather conditions are out of the picture, summer months are generally the best time to assess, repair, and improve your home. Summer home improvements can range on various scales, small-to-large. No matter the size, most projects will improve the value of your home. Here is our quick list of 7 DIY projects to improve your Boise home.

7 DIY Projects to Improve Your Boise Home
  1. Install Tile Backsplash- Rethink improving one of the most visited rooms in your home- your kitchen. Kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. Tile backsplash is extremely trendy, adds modern flair, and gives your space a lovely pop of design.
  2. Build Raised Garden Beds- Raised garden beds not only add appeal to your backyard, but also save your wallet money, long term. Be sure to plant fruits and vegetables that will thrive in your region and watch your hard work pay off!
  3. Pressure Wash the Exterior of Your Home- Nothing is better than a good power clean to your Boise home. It’s an inexpensive way to spruce up your curb appeal by removing excess dirt build-up. This will also rid your exterior of mold and mildew, which can aid in long term issues.
  4.  Clean or Replace Window Screens- Maintaining your window screens is helpful for numerous reasons. The screen will last longer, give better visibility from inside , and will improve your indoor air quality by removing built up dust, dirt, and debris.
  5. Clean or Replace A/C and Furnace Filters- Speaking of cleaning, when’s the last time you cleaned your air filters? If you’re tired of dust and allergens, clean or swap out those air filters for easier breathing and less dust in your home.
  6. Inspect and Clean Your Patio, Sidewalk, and Driveway- Summer is the best time to inspect these areas for weeds and cracks that can cause long term damage on your home. After you’ve inspected these areas, use a pressure washer to clean surfaces to remove dirt and improve curb appeal.
  7. Install a Simple Deck- Lounging and entertaining, alike, is always more enjoyable on a deck. Adding a simple deck, using This Old House’s guide, is an inexpensive and relatively easy option for adding a deck to your backyard. All you need is some basic materials and standard carpentry tools to turn your backyard from bleh-to-beautiful.

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Have more DIY projects you’re going to try this summer that we haven’t mentioned? Comment below! We would love to feature them on this blog. #ownwhereyoulive

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