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Spring Homeowner Maintenance Checklist

Your spring homeowner maintenance checklist is HERE! Is your home ready?

Not sure where to start when taking care of one of your biggest investments? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Owning a home may feel like a lot of responsibility…and a lot of maintenance too. We have compiled our top most valued tips to make it easy over the next couple of months to get your home ready for the changing season.

Consistent maintenance on your home is relatively quick and easy. Ultimately, these small tasks will eliminate the need for big repairs in the future and can save you money long term!

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Spring Homeowner Maintenance Checklist

Air Conditioning

Ensure the unit is in good, working order for warmer months. Change the filter.


Start your system when temperatures are above 50 degrees & inspect for leaks. Water in the early morning to reduce waste.

Clear Leaves from Lawn & Gutters

Clear remaining leaves from winter months & clear downspouts to prevent blockage during a heavy spring rain.

Dryer Vents

Vacuum hoses & vents to increase performance & reduce the risk of fire hazards.


You don’t need to climb up there yourself; with binoculars, you can probably spot trouble from the winter months.


Look for rusty nails and warping. If you find damaged or rotting boards, replace them.

Doors & Windows

Inspect caulking for damage or wear. Replace if necessary to increase energy efficiency and keep pests out.

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