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The 7 Most Popular Home Trends of 2022

With everyone spending more quality time at home, we’re here to keep you updated and inspired on latest home and real estate market trends throughout the year!

2022 is all about personalizing your space and giving it bold and edgy accents. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to make your personal space feel more unique or inviting, here is your sign. Life is short!

Vintage Furniture Pieces

The shortage of ordinary home goods and supplies has no doubt affected us…And if you’ve been looking to furnish your home or give your living room a makeover with a new sofa, you know what we’re talking about.

Natural Light and LOTS of Windows

We see a lot of new construction pushing toward larger windows and lots of extra light sources in the home. Heavy blinds and drapery are being swapped for naked windows and bright open spaces for that additional Vitamin D. Go the extra mile to purchase authentic greenery and bring the outside in. Plants will not only bring you joy, they will also purify the air.

Eclectic Fixtures

Interesting fixtures can bring a lot of character to a home with a much lower price point than say a remodel or piece of furniture. Updated fixtures can also potentially add a lot of value to a home when you are looking to affordable upgrade before listing your home to sell.

Bold Patterns and Colors

We are seeing some bold color and pattern choices reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s including warm, moody living rooms, velvet textiles, and sharp edges.

Sustainable Living

Sustainability is sexy! From smart thermostats to the adoption of new household water systems, consumers are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We hope this will force us to reimagine what sustainable is and can be in the Idaho area.

Inviting Entryways

First impressions are everything, and what you choose to do with the entryway of your home is no exception. It’s the first room people see, so don’t be afraid to go bold and give this area welcoming vibe.

Home Bars

Whether this trend lingers from pandemic-living or homeowners are sprucing up their homes, we think this is a trend that’s here to stay and we’re not the least bit mad about it!


Who is Own Boise?

At Own Boise, our mission is to ‘Own Where You Live’, which is more than owning real estate although we love that people do! We believe that in order to own where you live, you must be involved in the community. That involvement can come in many different ways. Donating time, money, volunteering, teaching, coaching, leading or simply just showing up.

Our team currently consists of 19 full time team members working for you.

In 2021, Own Boise was recognized as one of “2021s Best Real Estate Teams in Idaho” by Real Trends and “Diamond Level Team” by Boise Regional Realtors for selling over $70 million in volume.

In 2021, the average agent sold 3.6 homes whereas Own Boise sold 164. Our team sells 45X more homes than the average agent. We sell 90% of the homes we list whereas the average agent sells 83%. We average 7 days on the market whereas our competitor averages at 16 days, meaning we sell homes more than twice as fast. Finally, our original list price vs. sold price is 101.8% compared to the average agent’s 86.2%. Which means we get our sellers 15.6% more money, or $89,734 their pockets based on the average sold price of $575,218.

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