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Top Things to Look for in a Home Inspection Report

There are a handful of crucial items on the list to pay attention to when reviewing your home inspection report. Some of them include:

Roof & GuttersĀ – You want to trust that your home inspector can find leaks and needed repairs BEFORE it costs you in the long run!

Attic & Crawl Spaces – Don’t let damage, or even the “M” word go undetected in your home!

Foundation & Structural Integrity – Many factors come into play when inspecting your most important asset, and the quality of your foundation and structure of your home need to be properly protected!

Water Damage – Leaks and damage can be hiding in unknown spaces throughout your entire home. Find it beforehand to save time and money.

Electrical & Plumbing – This can be a huge hazard in your home if not inspected properly. Healthy drinking water, pipe safety in the cold months, and protection in older homes are absolutely necessary.

Proper Grading & Drainage – The Treasure Valley sure is a sunny area, but proper drainage is STILL key when it comes to the grading of your home in order to protect it from any hazards that you may face.

AC & Heat Distribution – Knowing the life expectancy of these systems – it could cost you big time.

Garages – Many important systems could be located in your garage as well as the electrical work of the garage itself. Safety needs to be ensured in this high-traffic area.

Whether you’re going through the buying process, selling your property, or just want to maintain the quality of your current residence, you want to trust your home inspector with your investment.

Our preferred home inspectors at, 4 Rivers Team Home Inspection do all the above and more to ensure that a thorough check is completed for one of your most important assets!

Now that you’ve had an in-depth look into what you should be aware of throughout your inspection process, click below to read more about what goes into the process of a home inspection, Radon Gas in the Treasure Valley, and to meet the 4 Rivers Team! Head on over to their website!

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