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Homeowner Maintenance Tips | Own Boise Real Estate Seasonal Checklist

Homeowner Checklist – Fall 2022

Why is homeowner maintenance important?

Neglecting minor up-keep can turn into costly repairs in the long run!

Looking for a local Boise contact for your home? We have hand-picked our favorite local vetted vendors! Think of us as your own personal Angie’s List!

Not seeing what you need? Reach out and we’d be happy to help!

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Sprinkler Blow Out – Before outdoor air dips below 0°F

Preferred Vendors: Wilderness North End Sprinkler Service – 208-579-9558 or BC Landscaping – 208-901-1037

HVAC & Air Filters – Ensure reliable & safe heating this winter

Preferred Vendor: Jeremy Wanders HVAC – 208-440-1697

Disconnect, Drain & Store Garden HosesBefore outdoor dips below 0°F

Clear Leaves from Lawn & Gutters – Check your local leaf pickup program for November

Preferred Vendor for Gutter clearing and installation: Gutters R Us Boise – 208-941-4641

Trim Trees & Fertilize Lawn – Pruning encourages new growth. Fertilize lawn before ground freezes

Preferred Vendors: BC Landscaping -208-901-1037 or Zing Lawn Care – 208-585-9400

Roof Condition Check – Is your roof capable of handling heavy snow?

Preferred Vendors: Northwest Roof Restoration – 208-695-4450 or Brian Billings – 208-401-5318

Change Direction of Ceiling Fans – Save up to 15% on energy costs

Clean & Vacuum Dryer Vents – Clogged vents reduces performance & can lead to a fire hazard

Prepare for Ice & Snow – Ice melt salt, shovel, etc

Check Batteries on Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector – Replace batteries every 6 months

Close Home Foundation Air Vents – Before outdoor air dips below 0°F

Preferred Vendor for Handyman Services: DJ Patterson – 208-350-9371

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