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Home Projects during quarantine

5 DIY Home Projects – Self Quarantine Style

As we head into a new week of shelter-in-place we wanted to help give you some ideas on crafty DIY’s you can do around the house during quarantine. These 5 DIY home projects  will have you staying busy, while staying safe at home.

1. Organize Your Pantry

5 DIY Projects

You may or may not have just bought months’ worth of groceries and now comes the challenging part— fitting it all in your pantry while keeping it organized! Organizing your pantry is no small task, but the end result is so worth it! Start by categorizing like items, storing in clear containers, and labeling the containers to remember what is what!

2. Make a DIY Outdoor Chair

5 DIY Projects

As patio season approaches us, get your DIY on with this simple and cost efficient outdoor chair from Angela Marie Made.  What we love most about this home project is that these patio chairs are easy to make while keeping your patio stylish!

3. Add a DIY Mudroom Bench 

5 DIY Projects

If you’re looking to create that “wow” factor to your entryway be sure to check out this DIY mudroom bench from handmade-haven.  While creating this DIY be sure to keep in mind how tall and wide your entryway is to be sure that your new hall tree bench fits perfectly!

4. Repaint the Exterior of Your Home

Looking to pump up the curb appeal? Try repainting the exterior of your home! This simple, yet effective upgrade will increase your home’s value while keeping you busy outdoors.

5. Bring the Outdoors into Your Home

5 DIY Projects

Getting sick of seeing the same space everyday? Try adding plants to the interior of your home to bring the outdoors in! Plants can add fresh oxygen into your home and provide a sense of tranquility. Plus, its a quick and inexpensive way to freshen up your space!

We hope these simple yet creative home projects self quarantine style to help keep you busy during this time of quarantine! Be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram if  you create any of these fun, home improvement projects!

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