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Idaho Gives | Giving Boise with Own Boise Real Estate

Idaho Gives | Extended day of giving to two full weeks!

Idaho Gives, which has become known as  Idaho’s biggest day of giving, has been extended from one day to two full weeks due to the stay at home order in Boise, Idaho.

The annual day of charity will now take place from Thursday, April 23 to Thursday, May 7.

According to the Idaho Non-Profit Center, non-profits in Idaho will have an increased financial burden due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is extremely important, now more than ever, to help these non-profits by donating in any way you can.

April 23 – May 7, 2020: Idaho Gives PSA

What can you give Idaho?

How Own Boise is making an impact

Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be sharing a series on all of our social platforms called Giving Boise, which will highlight various, local non-profits in Boise, ID and the surrounding area. We will be interviewing a few non-profits, such as the Boise Rescue Mission, Advocates Against Family Violence, and CATCH Inc. Finally, we will offer ways to donate and support these amazing businesses.

At Own Boise, our mission is to own where you live. We aren’t just about owning real estate in Boise, although we love that people do! We believe that in order to own where you live, you must be involved in the community. That involvement can come in many different ways. Donating time, money, volunteering, teaching, coaching, leading or simply just showing up.

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In the past year, we have supported local non-profits through various fundraising efforts. One of our favorite fundraisers was our food and coat drive at our Client Appreciation Pie Event. Our clients were amazing and donated over 400 lbs of items for the Boise Rescue Mission.

How you can help during Idaho Gives
  1. Share and share alike. Online fundraising is successful by sharing content to your network of people, no matter the size! Pick a few of your favorite non-profits and share their cause and how to support them to your network!
  2. Be socially (media) active. Use your social media networks: post on Facebook, tweet about Idaho Gives 2020, and share your love for your particular passion, whether it’s education, health care, animals, or the arts. Ask others to do the same.
  3. Become a fundraising champion. Everyone loves a champion, including us! Contact Idaho Gives for more information on how to become a fundraising champion!
  4. Donate to a non-profit. There are also numerous Idaho Gives prizes to increase your donation impact.

How are you making a positive impact on our community? We would love to hear from you! Comment below or email your story to for a chance to be featured on our social media.

Are you a local, non-profit? We would love to hear more about you and your cause. Please reach out to us, so we can find out how to support you!


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